Howard EvansThe Clinic

Bakery Hill Natural Health Centre has been providing tactile therapies in the Ballarat region for more than 14 years.

Howard Evans

Howard is a Registered Practitioner of Massage, Shiatsu and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, DIP REM, TAE. He also provides Cupping, Raindrop Technique and Wellness Evaluations. Howard is a registered trainer in Massage Therapy and has been providing training at East West College of Natural Therapies for the last 8 years. Massage therapy and the other treatments he provides are a very simple and natural way to address physical and emotional tension in the body.
Various cultures for hundreds of years have used simple massage techniques in addition to their cultural diversity (using herbs, essential oils, foods and ceremonial practices) to calm and relax the nervous system and many of the other systems that link together to bring about homeostasis in the body. The result being that the person is enabled to function more efficiently: this may improve sleep, emotional needs, energy levels, mental clarity and better connection with their own body.


Remedial Massage

Loosens muscles, mobilizes joints, lenghtens connective tissue


Using finger pressure brings the body into balance by working specific meridians

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Using gentle flowing techniques assists the lymphatic system to flow more effectively clearing waste and supporting immune function.

Raindrop technique and Vita-Flex

Is a technique using a series of Essential Oils in a sequence on the feet and spine to activate energy centers and clear blockages.